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Started in 2006 by Lighthouse by Cyrus, Emotion Image raises the bar in professional yet affordable wedding photography.


The photographers operating under this brand name are supported by Lighthouse Studio Productions because they each have displayed a keen passion for beautiful and creative wedding photography.


All Emotion Image weddings have consistent high standards of quality assurance. This means that everything from the editing style, proofing, book design and print quality is professionally created and personally overseen by Cyrus from Lighthouse. 




Chris Brown

In 2008, 2009 and 2010 Chris was named as one of Australia's Top Wedding Photographers by Capture Magazine.


Chris is the studio's most technically advanced Image Maker. His execution is classic and timeless and he offers a more discerning and traditional wedding experience.


Chris Brown is also our high-end album expert and designer.


Scott Davies

A photographer's personality and character is very important to smooth flow of any wedding. No one is friendlier and more laid back than Scott.


Scott's style is a great balance of candid and traditionally beautiful yet simple images. Scott records the day's event with a minimum of fuss and quietly gets the job done. He brings fun and professionalism and is a gifted wedding documenter.


Michael Chung

Michael will certainly go the extra mile with his positive attitude and energy. Michael's passion for great people photography shows he can get everyone involved and excited as much as he is himself on a typical wedding day.


He style is capture every single detail and therefore record the complete wedding story.


Chris Tapley

Chris Tapley sees weddings in a refreshing and artistic new light. His unique angles and ideas of capture translate to a different kind of wedding photography that few photographers seem to grasp or even understand.


Chris Tapley's portraiture-style coverage blends great fashion know-how with a unique creative perspective.


He is highly reliable and professional and while he is more of a quiet type he is certainly a great organiser and capable of dealing with any situation.


Kristy Adams

Kristy is passionate about capturing the emotion of lifes important moments.

She's after a more natural feel , producing images that are truly unforgettable.

Her style is  fun, relaxed and rewarding.

Her saying is "Your happiness is my happiness...."
and she believes "...a good photographer will capture memories of your moments, but a great photographer will also capture the joy and happiness that surrounds you."